As married couples grow they encounter many mundane issues they never dreamed would raise tensions in the relationship.  Things like the way one washes the dishes, how they do the laundry, or who should get the mail can become major sticking points of argument.  Husbands and wives often have major differences in how they arrange and maintain a closet.  Some men are extremely sloppy and disorganized; others keep things in almost a militarily precise fashion.  Many wives may be less precisely organized, but they often require more dedicated space for the various types of clothing and footwear.  Arrangement of these items can lead to disagreements.

One way to eliminate such a point of conflict is to equip the master bedroom with two separate walk-in closets.  This presumes the home has sufficient space available.  This solution ensures that each person has their own dedicated space in which to keep their wardrobe.  Such a closet may be a godsend for a wife or husband whose wardrobe is composed of great deals obtained through money saving Groupons used to shop online from a store like Talbots.  A wife who shops with a Talbots coupon from Groupon is likely to have a diverse wardrobe of suits, dresses, and casual clothes that deserve an upgraded, dedicated closet space.  Such a space can accommodate all of her accessories as well, from handbags to shoes and hosiery.

And the husband can also benefit from such an arrangement.  He can take advantage of having his own designated space to use to set aside his shoes and footwear, shoe maintenance equipment, casual clothes, semi-dress wear and semi-formal and formal suits.  All without conflicting with the space required by the needs of his wife.

How do you achieve this ideal arrangement?  First try to include this criteria when first selecting your home or apartment.  However, it may often unlikely to find such an advantageous setup, particularly in older residences.  An alternative approach is to dedicate separate space within the bedroom closet to each person.  And try to keep open the possibility of future remodeling with the goal of expanding available closet space.  In certain cases a couple may gladly sacrifice hall closet space in favor of adding a dedicated master bedroom closet.  The amount of mutual satisfaction and peace achieved is well worth the investment in space.