Most people don’t notice their rain gutters until something goes wrong with them. Once water starts spilling over a walk way or even worse, into the house they notice that something may have gone array with their rain gutter system. The goal however should be to notice any issues before they become major issues so that the repair costs are minimal. Here are a few of the most common signs that your rain gutters need some attention so that you can get someone out to repair them before the problem is extreme.

Seam Issues

Like anything else with a seam, rain gutters often show stress at their seams before anywhere else. The seam of a rain gutter is found where the two horizontal pieces meet and usually you can see the actual seam. While appraising the rain gutter seams you need to look for leaks or for the area actually physically separating. Sometime the seams can be mended but other times the entire rain gutter system needs to be replaced. You may also choose to buy seamless rain gutters Sterling Heights MI the next time around so that you don’t have to worry about the seams giving out on your gutters. If you live near trees that clog your gutters constantly this may be a good idea.

Cracks in the Gutters

The second biggest giveaway is the appearance of cracks in your gutter. Simply walk around your home looking up at the gutters for cracks. Cracks make the entire rain gutter system pointless since the water will run out the cracks instead of down the downspout as intended. Larger cracks are usually pretty obvious but you may not see the smaller cracks until there is a storm, but be aware that smaller cracks can cause just as many issues. Next time you clean your gutters pay attention for the smaller cracks and consider how many you find when deciding if now is the time to update your system.

Peeling Paint

When most people start to notice their paint peeling they start to think about residing their home or repainting their home. However, you may want to think about replacing your gutters first. Peeling paint on the exterior of a home may be caused by a leaking gutter. Look at the gutters to see if the paint there is peeling as well. There is a very good chance the water is running down the side of your home instead of the downspout causing the damage.

Mildew in the Basement

Most people do not link basement mildew and mold with their rain gutters, but they very well be connected. Water is supposed to run off roof and away from the house which is why most downspouts empty at least six feet away from the home. However, when the rain gutters are faulty water ends up running straight down the side of the home settling in next to the foundation of the home. Over time this can cause a formerly dry area to become moldy. If there is no other explanation for the sudden appearance of mold and mildew it’s time to check the gutters.