Quality Policy

The members and staff of Kings Court Chambers are committed to providing the best legal advice and the best representation to their professional and lay clients.

  • Barristers’ professional qualities include Supreme knowledge of the law in the area in which they practice
  • Complete independence from any interest that might influence their legal advice or conflict with another interest
  • Total professional and ethical integrity
  • Fearless and conscientious application to advance the interests of their clientsThe highest command of court room skills
  • An efficient management of their professional affairs
  • The delivery of advice in a swift and comprehensible form
  • The provision of an appropriate number of qualified staff with whom they have a strong collegiate relationship A commitment to work that is socially valuable If necessary done for little  or no reward
  • A commitment to the preservation and advancement of public funding for their clients
  • A fee structure that represents good value for money
  • A strong culture, mutual support and harmonious working relationship with colleagues
  • A social environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and skills across legal areas of expertise and seniority of practice
  • A structure for dealing swiftly, and to a high standard with ethical or professional conduct matters

Chambers’ staff qualities include:

  • A dedication to the objectives of Kings Court Chambers
  • The highest professional practices
  • An efficient administration suited to the delivery of the objectives of chambers
  • A swift response to requests or approaches from clients
  • An appropriate matching of case to barrister
  • Provision of the most advanced information and other technology that is available to serve the objectives of chambers
  • Sound management of the finances
  • Regular training in skills appropriate to their functions

As part of its quality of service, Chambers as a whole aims to provide:

  • A body of workers in service to the public and to advancing the principles of human rights, a society free from prejudice and free to develop in terms of social and political rights
  •  A democratic organisation subject to a written Constitution
  • Annually elected Heads of Chambers and officers who are answerable to the membership as a whole A wholehearted commitment to equality of opportunity and diversity in its membership and amongst staff
  • The education of pupils and the mutual education of its members and staff
  • Premises and facilities which are ideally suited to implement the objectives of chambers in a conducive environment
  • The use of its management company, Kings Court Limited in furtherance of its objectives and for the procurement of contracts with outside bodies, including for the administration of legal services provided by its members
  • Access to its premises and facilities to aid disabled persons  A complaints procedure which is compliant with the requirements of the professional regulators and in accordance with a procedure which is laid down and publicized

 The maintenance, by auditing and constant review by the administration and the Management Committee, of quality marks: Barmark, ISO 9001:2008 and the LSC Quality Mark for the Bar.

We are committed to a comprehensive and developing policy of assuring the quality of our service. This is ensured through the implementation and maintenance of clear policies and procedures which are defined in our Quality Manual and which are adhered to by all members, pupils and staff.

All barristers and employees contribute to maintaining and improving the quality of the service we provide. Our committee and meeting structure encourages a policy of open communication and involvement to generate an innovative environment. Resources and training requirements are regularly reviewed for individual employees, barristers and pupils and for Chambers as a whole to ensure that everyone is able to develop their skills and fulfil their role in the implementation of our quality system. Chambers is committed to maintaining ‘Barmark’, the International Standard for Quality Management Systems -

ISO 9001:2008 and the LSC’s Quality Mark for the Bar.

Quality Management

Overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with our quality system by our members lies with our Joint Heads of Chambers.

The Senior Clerk has overall responsibility for ensuring that the policies, procedures and standards defined in the quality system are implemented and maintained.

In order to ensure compliance with the standards and in order to continue to improve the service we offer, we shall do the following:-

  • implement a structured preventative action procedure
  • measure our compliance with our standards at regular intervals
  • hold regular team meetings to monitor the achievement of standards and policies and set objectives for continuing improvement regularly review our quality systems and survey our clients to ensure that our policies and service are always focused on client needs

This policy is available to all barristers, pupils and staff via chambers’ intranet and is available to clients via our website.

Reviewed and approved by Management Committee January 2012 and ratified by Chambers Meeting – 24 April 2012.

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