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Your input is vital to us at Kings Court Chambers, as it helps us to review and improve our customer service standards on a regular basis. We actively welcome your feedback and we always ask clients to submit a review of our services.
If you would like to submit a review of Kings Court Chambers please send it to us using the following e-mail address -
Be sure to include your name and matter ID.

  • Gerald Etangayong, August 2014

    "I am very grateful for your help though its taken almost two years but the results have come out satisfactory. I now have the permit thanks to your help.

    I pray your days be filled with joy and laughter just as I feel today.

    Thanks once more and stay Blessed."

  • Malcolm and Vanessa, April 2014

    Vanessa and I would like to thank you very much for helping her to get a visa for the UK following her refusal Last year. Her 6 month multi entry visa arrived last week and she was so shocked and happy she couldn't stop crying. She has calmed down now and we are off to visit my mum on Wednesday. This is a truly wonderful thing you have done as my mum cant travel to Spain to see us so we have to go there.

    You have made a lot of people very happy.

  • Narawa Family, April 2014

    We just want to let you know that we have sent our application yesterday! Now we are just awaiting response from home office.. We would like to take this time to thank you for everything you have done for our family even though we haven't had an answer yet we'd just like to thank you yeah for everything. We know we have been a pain to you guys at time and we apologise we are sorry..hoping we will be forgiven. We will definitely come back to you with the result though. .

  • Mrs. J Lewis, April 2014

    Thank you very much for conforming that the application was successful.Thank you again for the service offered to us.

  • Mr. O Gassar, April 2014

    I would like to inform you that I get the Visa. Thank you so much for your effort, advises and help.

  • Miss S Haq, April 2014

    I wanted to inform you that I just received my visa yesterday. Thank you for all your efforts. Will certainly recommend your firm to my friends and family. Thank you once again.

  • Mr. G lles, March 2014

    We would like to inform you that my daughters visa has been granted and it arrive today. We would like to thank you and your team for the great help you have given us. Thank you so much.

  • Mr. J Shaw, March 2014

    Hello Folks, FYI, I just received my UK passport. Thank you for your assistance, and keeping the case open until I received the passport. Cheers.

  • Mr M Bangura, March 2014

    I am very, very gratitude and extremely grateful for the wonderful job you have done. God bless.
    Highly appreciated. Once again thanks very much for everything.

  • Mr. M Williams, March 2014

    Thanks Mr.Wray. Thank you and your team for your help I really appreciate it.

  • Mrs. G Abdou, March 2014

    Thank you very much for all your efforts.

  • Mr. De Barros, March 2014

    Thank you very much, your service has been most rewarding. i will always mention your services to all.

  • Mr. Hancock, March 2014

    Thanks for your work To all members of the team that worked on our case... Thank you for your contribution to the success of our appeal. In particular please pass on appreciation to Mr Asif Khan. We found him to be approachable, well prepared, a good listener to our concerns and a clear explainer of the court process.

  • Mr. Ogunbanjo, March 2014

    I would like to thank you for dealing with my application and for putting up with my badgering. I cannot thank you enough.

  • Mr A Charles, Feburary 2014

    I just want to say a big thank you to Kings Court Chambers for helping me get my visa... Once again thank you very much.

  • Mr M Williams, Feburary 2014

    Thank you and your team for your help it is greatly appreciated.

  • Mrs S Haq, Feburary 2014

    I wanted to thank you for all your support. You have been a great help.

  • Mr Jason Grow, January 2014

    Many thanks for your assistance and great work putting together our application.

  • Mr M Wild, December 2013

    Mark was being considered to represent Britain at Judo and needed British citizenship and a passport in case he was selected. Thanks to you he obtained British Citizenship and a passport.

    On the 1st December he represented Great Britain in Belgium and won the Gold.
    On the 8th December he won the British Championships with Gold
    On the 12th  December he was selected for the 2014 England Judo Team

    Mark sends his thanks for helping him achieve his goals.
    Martin Wild

  • Mr P D, USA December 2013

    "Hi, Just to let you know that my visa was granted on Dec 20. Thanks again for all your help in preparing the application dont think I could have got through without your help. May need your help when I need to re apply in 2 years time. thank you Paul"

  • Mrs K V, UK November 2013

    “I would just like to say s HUGE thank you for everything. We are absolutely thrilled that we won our appeal and I know that a big part of winning was how incredible Mr Wray was! I was extremely nervous and worried before attending the hearing but as soon as my family and I met Mr Wray we were reassured that he certainly knew his stuff and it wouldn't be as bad as we thought! Mr Wray was calm, he explained everything clearly, he knew every inch of our case and he was amazing in court!

    His submission was great and we could all tell that the judge was impressed too, even the home office rep told me, in the lift, that he'd done a magnificent job! My family and I and on behalf of our baby boy, are so grateful, thank you so much.

    I am in contact with a number of people in the same situation as us and I will be highly recommending Kings Court Chambers to them all for a job well done. Best Regards ”

  • Elizabeth Murray, UK November 2013

    “Myself and my family would like to thank Kings Court Chambers a lot for the support in yet again another successful application that has helped to put me and my family on a path to a better future and to a positive life ahead with my mum being able to stay and help me and give me the moral and mental support I need.

    I am looking to a bright future and me getting better mentally as well thank you very much for the guidance. A thank you to the administrative staff as well for the quick response thanking you. God bless every one of you from the Murray family. ”

  • Susanna Prinsloo, South Africa November 2013

    “I want to thank you for your wonderful and speedy help in getting me through this process. Being an older person, I would never have managed without your support and encouragement. Thank you, this was made 'almost' a pleasure, if one can call applying for a visa pleasurable at all! Warm regards from a sunny South Africa, and all the best for the rest of this year. ”

  • Colin Levy, Jamaica October 2013

    “My fiancé and I applied for a visa in Jamaica and through poor advice from an agent over there my fiancé's visa was declined, as we are getting married 28th Nov 2013 it was essential that we got the visa in order for us to buy our rings and his suit together so when the visa was declined we were devastated.

    Not to be beaten I looked online at immigration solicitors and after trawling through I found you, I had read reviews on another companies going down this route didn't fill me with much hope but I had to take the chance, but this company had great reviews. This was the best move I ever made I cannot thank you enough as yesterday approx.

    5 weeks from our initial contact my fiancé has received his visa to come to the UK, the process was so easy and we were guided and kept well informed every step of the way by this company from the initial conversation to uploading documents, we were advised of all the risks that we faced due to our first visa refusal, I would highly recommend anyone use them and in fact when it comes to obtaining a spouse visa I will definitely be back in contact.

    Once again thank you so much for your help words can't express how delighted we are that we can do our final bits of wedding preparation together.

    Yours thankfully Mr & Mrs Levy (to be) ”

  • Ted Holmes, UK September 2013

    “Dear Chambers,

    Just to let you know that Spouse Visa has been granted to day for my wife Tatyana.

    I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you personally for all of your tremendous help over this.

    You really are stars, Angels even!!!

    Thank you again,

    Ted Holmes (Your No.1 fan). ”

  • Virginia Jesurajan, India September 2013

    “Thanks everyone! God is good! I am happy and confident that my case is in safe hands and things will work out for the better. I began to trust and rely on your organisation from the very first day I started speaking to Ms Tanny, the advisor for my Immigration case as she is a lovely person, friendly and has a great listening capacity.

    I extend my thanks to Mr Adrian in the account department who helped me and gave me advice regarding the fund transfer process from India to UK. Well, the things are looking up ever since I had face to face consultation with Mr Wray, the Barrister who is full of wisdom and intelligent himself in understanding any immigration matter, I believe.

    I was so happy to hear from Ms Emily this morning and she updated me with the latest process and given me a firm hope that the Barrister is working on my case.

    Thanks for your kind information Emily! I hope that God will work wonders through you all in the process of my visa or anyone who is trying to get their visa sorted through your establishment.

    Thanks a million! God Bless you all!!!

    Looking forward to hear from you soon!

    Kind Regards,

    Virginia Jesurajan ”

  • Amanda Masayila, UK September 2013

    “My Naturalisation application has been granted.

    Many thanks I wouldn't have done it without your help.

    Yours sincerely, Amanda.”

  • Moraig de Witt, France August 2013

    “Hi there I just wanted to tell you that my Visa arrived 4 days after I went to Paris....

    I can't thank you enough as it came just in time for us to go to the final job interview tomorrow.

    I really appreciate all your patience and feedback, not to mention thoroughness, All the best with the future and once again, Thank you!

    Regards Moraig de Witt.”

  • Debra Lester, USA August 2013

    “Just received the good news from UK border agency (NY) everything went ok I now have a stamped RETURNING RESIDENT INDEFINITE VISA on my new passport.

    My wife and I can now move back to the UK to care for her mother, my mother-in-law. This would not have been possible without your hard work.

    Again thanks for a JOB-WELL-DONE also we get to spend quality time with our son and his family.”

  • Shoaib Nasir, Pakistan August 2013

    “I would like to thank the Kings Court Chambers team, and especially Mr Khan, for the support provided through my asylum application.

    I just got the news this morning that my asylum application has been accepted and I owe it to you and your team for this success. Thanks again for all your constant support and encouraging me to stay truthful during the interview.

    You have been nothing but patient with all my queries and all I can say is that you are the best. I wish you all the success in life. Also I would like to mention here the name of Miss Wright who accompanied me to the interview and that she was a massive support and her presence there really made a difference.

    Kind Regards Shoaib Nasir. ”

  • Bob and Adora Shackle, Philippines July 2013

    “Dear Team,

    My wife and I would like to thank you for all your help and support during this Naturalisation procedure. We are so thrilled that at last she can consider herself British and although it has been a long and expensive process even before we got to your part, we cannot thank you enough. Once again thank you all and keep up the good work, and best wishes to you all. Regards, Bob and Adora Shackle.”

  • Solomon Fekadu & Alem Guta, Ethiopia July 2013

    “Dear Sirs,

    I am writing to express my appreciation of your services. Thank you for guiding us through our application. Should our application be unsuccessful, we would require your services and for that I would be grateful if you were to advise me on how to get in touch with you, since this portal may not be accessible to us then. Any indicative cost of your services will also be helpful.

    We had an appointment this week and it was confirmed to us by VFS that everything is in order. It was pointed to us that it is recommended to complete VAF4A by hand as there are slight differences compared to the online version? This is minor but we rescheduled the appointment for Monday the 1st of July and submit both the online and hard copy of VAF4A.

    My special thanks to Mr. Tariq Rehman for creating our legal representation document.

    Kind regards,

    Solomon Fekadu & Alem Guta”

  • Chithra Gopal, Spain June 2013

    “An enormous thank you. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the entire team for successfully getting our application through. I apologise in the delay in replying since I have not been at work for a few days. It feels like a cloud has been lifted off my head and I finally get into living the life that me and my family deserve. I would definitely recommend Kings Court Chambers to others who are looking for similar services. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Kind regards, Chitra.”

  • Edmond Mitraj, UK June 2013

    “Hello KCC, I have booked my ceremony. It looks as if it should all be ok from now onwards. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help with my application - I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you again. Best wishes Edmond.”

  • Satbir Singh, Malaysia June 2013

    “Thank you for your support and guidance throughout the process admin team. I am delighted to hear the success and hope the best for all. I agree that we now completed this process, and hope you could provide me future services in any other aspects should there be any need. Once again, thank you for the all the effort and good luck to you as well. Regards, Satbir.”

  • Ahmed Osman Adam, UK June 2013

    “I take this opportunity to say thank you again. I have referred to you some of my relatives and friends who are looking for solicitor because of your reputation regarding to the immigration matters.”

  • Shaun Martin, UK June 2013

    “I would like to extend my thanks to you and your team for helping me and my wife during these trying times.  My wife's visa was eventually approved by the British Embassy.  I would also like to extend my deepest apologies if I came across too domineering, but I think you can understand why taking into account the situation we found ourselves in. In the end I think you and your team acted very professionally and I know that if it not for you guys then we would still be fighting the system.  Once again, thank you very much.”

  • Paul Collins & Xia Haiying, Doha, Qatar June 2013

    “My wife, Xia Haiying, had her visa approved within 3 weeks of the application being submitted. Thank you so much for all the help and advice you provided we couldn't have done it without you.”

  • Earlston Coy Taylor, JamaicaMay 2013

    “I applied for FLR using Kings Court Chamber as an overstayer and Jamaican national.
    The service was excellent. The communication was very good. The portal was excellent Thank you so much for helping with my immigration matter. I have wanted to sort my status for so long and had been told by other lawyers that I had no chance but to return to my home country which would mean leaving my fiancé and children. I feel like I can start enjoying life now and that is all thanks to you. I would definitely recommend you to anybody who needed immigration advice.

    Just to note, I marked communication as very good and not excellent because we had sent all documents to you and emailed to say we had uploaded everything we had, only to be told three days before our application cut off point that you were still waiting for documents. This was about a month after we had submitted everything. However everything was done on your part to ensure we received the relevant paperwork ASAP and your overall communication was very good. I thank you again and I will be back in contact when my visa is due for renewal! Good luck to you and your company until then. Earlston.”

  • Marta Simonyan, ArmeniaMay 2013

    “Your service was Excellent with much patience! ...very important that you know this when helping others). The communication was Very Good & the portal was Very Good used to it after a short while. We felt knowing this is NOT our field and not knowing really what to expect your patience and understanding to even the obvious questions was very important to us knowing there was so much going on with us with much stress etc…we can only thank you all for the help you have given us ...especially your representation letter with the law written down in it we would never of known about that!”

  • Mr Masinjira, IndiaApril 2013

    “The service provided by Kings Court Chambers was EXCELLENT, with GOOD communication. Your portal system was also EXCELLENT. Overall your advice was great and I still had the final say on when my application should be submitted and you advised me well and acted on my decision many thanks.”

  • Mark & Yuliya Brown, JamaicaMarch 2013

    “The service we received was excellent as was the portal system that we used. Communication was maintained throughout and to a very high standard. I thoroughly recommend KCC. I was kept informed at every stage of both the FIANCE visa and the SPOUSAL visa and you handled our application and questions perfectly through the portal. Because I lost my job during the initial process I believe that without your representation our application for Spouse /FLR would have been rejected.

    After submitting the application in early Dec 2012 we became worried as time went on but amazingly we received the confirmation of the visa on 23rd March 2013, the same day that I received my new offer of employment. We now look forward to the birth of our first child - a boy in late July. Thank you for everything - which was everything to us.
    Best wishes and regards ”

  • Miss Chellamuthu, Sri LankaMarch 2013

    “Kings Court Chambers were very good. They kept in touch with me throughout. The case management system was excellent; I had no problems at all uploading the documents. Overall I felt that Kings Court Chambers met my needs successfully through efficiency and patience. I am very happy that I used this Chambers. I would recommend Kings Court Chambers to my friends if they needed the service.”

  • John Vidal, Canada February 2013

    "I wanna take this time to thank you so much for all your help, this is amazing news. I really appreciate everything you guys have done for me.."

  • Paul and Stacy Cathcart, AustraliaJanuary 2013

    “Thank you for all your help, we are so grateful. Best wishes to all the team, outstanding service from one and all. Thank you.”

  • Mr Williams and Miss Ochiela, NigeriaJanuary 2013

    “Thank you for your rapid response. Myself and my partner cannot put into words how much we appreciate your kind gesture. We can only continue to thank you for this. Very many kind regards.”

  • Stephanus Petrus Jansen Van Vuuren, South AfricaDecember 2012

    “A million thanks. We are absolutely delighted with this wonderful news.  Thank you for responding to our concerns so promptly.  Bless you all.”

  • Ann Richardson, UKDecember 2012

    “Dear Sir/Madam. Thank you very much for your kind assistance. May God bless you all! With much respect.”

  • Cliff and Esther, TrinidadNovember 2012

    “Dear Sir / Madam, We received your completed cover letter yesterday as promised. We were very pleased with the content and we immediately forwarded this to UKBA. We await their response and hope the replies are positive. May we take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for your help .Thank you.”

  • Judith and Hakan, LebanonOctober 2012

    “Hakan and myself would like to say a big thank you for all your help you have done regarding our visa we have been successful. We would recommend yourselves to any persons requiring your help. Once again many thanks.”

  • Freddie and Lulu, GhanaSeptember 2012

    “Hi. Thank you guys so much for being so prompt and on this for us.  We have received and printed out our cover letters of legal representation.  We would just like to thank you and your team at Kings Court Chambers for all the hard work you have put into this for us. Best regards.”

  • Nozima Akhmedova, Czech RepublicSeptember 2012

    “Dear Sir/Madam. I would like to thank you for all the help and support which you have given towards me. Regards.”

  • Mark Upton, AustraliaAugust 2012

    “Dear Sirs. I do say a heartfelt thank you for your endeavour in your efforts in my case and will be recommending you to others who need your help.”

  • Sajida Abdulla, Saudi ArabiaJuly 2012

    “Thank you very much for my successful citizenship application. Your service was excellent and your communication was very good. Your portal system is also excellent. Very prompt and professional. Thanks once again.”

    Kindest Regards

  • Frederick John Bean, UKJune 2012

    “Thank you for my adopted daughter's successful naturalisation application. I am happy to provide the following comments about  the customer service that you provide. As far as I am concerned your service was excellent in all respects. The communications that you provided were excellent and easy to understand. The portal system was excellent. For an older person who is not altogether ‘computer friendly'  I  was quite amazed at how much could be accomplished using E-Mail and your Portal System. If I should need similar services at some time in the future I would have no hesitation in contacting your team again.”


  • Klaus Wagner, CroatiaMay 2012

    “Good morning to all Visa specialists and Tariq, Thank you for your assistance. Your efforts were very professional indeed! Your e-mails were calmer than mine, sorry about that. Was a bit tense. Have an enjoyable festive season and a great start to 2013! Will let you know the outcome.”
    Kind regard

  • Gregorz Wozniak, UkraineMay 2012

    “I received letter along with documents. I also received letter regarding Citizenship Ceremony. I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to all involved. It was pleasure to deal with you.
    It was a pleasure to deal with Kings Court Chambers. My matter was dealt to high standard in timely manner. I am very grateful.”

  • Sarah Reeve, SenegalApril 2012

    “thank you very much, I am delighted and the visa people were very impressed with my documentation and cover letter from the barristers so I am 100% happy with your work.”

  • Mrs Farzana Baptist Allegacone, NigeriaMarch 2013

    Thanks for your excellent service.

  • Mr B Saoudi, PakistanMarch 2012

    "This morning my wife called me with the good news. She has obtained her student visa. I just want to thank you for all your support in obtaining her this visa. It has been great working with you towards this objective. Please thank all the team that has contributed toward this success."


  • Maxine Turunci, LebanonMarch 2012

    "The service provided by Kings Court Chambers was excellent. The communication was also excellent they replied to queries etc very quickly.

    I did have technical problems with the portal system because i could not up load my documents. This was not Kings Court Chambers fault, it was my scanner not working efficiently so they allowed me to submit the documents via post.

    I found Kings Court Chambers friendly, reliable and prompt in all correspondence.

    I would certainly recommend them to anyone going through immigration."

    Most Happy.

  • Mr & Mrs Bains, IndiaFebruary 2012

    "We really appreciate your support throughout this journey. Its been such a pleasure having your team as my barrister and I wish you all the best to your team. Once again, thanks ever so much and I will indeed contact you when I need help for immigration purpose in the future."

    Best regards.

  • Selina Ruguva, EstoniaJanuary 2012

    "May I unreservedly take this opportunity to thank you for your unwaivering support pertaining my application that has been successful as per you mail instant. I have not received my documents back as yet but all the same a big thank you to the Admin Team, as this has come as a big relief of receiving such joyous news."

    Again thank you.

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