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We are a legal chambers run by Esther, a skilled barrister with over two decades of experience in providing exceptional legal representation and consultancy services. Alongside a successful international and common law practice and legal consultancy business, she has a growing practice specialising in human rights law.


At King's Court Chambers, we specialize in providing legal services in the following practice areas:
- Human Rights Law
- Employment Law
- Criminal Law
- Family Law
- Conveyancing
- Immigration Law

King's Court Chambers offers top-tier legal representation and consultancy across various legal domains, including human rights, employment, criminal, family, conveyancing, and immigration law. With a seasoned team of lawyers, we deliver innovative solutions tailored to each client's needs. Our commitment to personalized service ensures that clients receive the attention and care they deserve. Contact us for a consultation to discover how we can assist with your legal matters.

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