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King's Court Chambers is a legal chambers run by Esther, an experienced barrister with over ten years of experience providing legal representation and consultancy. Our services include international and common law practice as well as legal consultancy. We specialize in human rights law, which is a growing practice in our chambers. Our team is dedicated to providing the best legal services to our clients.

Esther is a seasoned barrister with two decades of diverse legal experience in both national and international contexts. Specialising in human rights law, she merges business and philanthropy with her legal practice, advocating for African economic empowerment.

Esther's career highlights include winning her first trial as a defense counsel and achieving success in various court settings. Apart from her legal pursuits, she holds a Master's in Human Rights and engages in pro-bono work.

Esther is also a speaker, author, and mentor, passionate about empowering others. For inquiries, contact She is a member of the Bar Council of England and Wales.


Esther Anato-Dumelo
Esther Anato-Dumelo


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